Im not going to even try

Where have we been you ask? We have entered a whole new level as of late. I went back to work, the twins are in preschool full time….and we’re still not potty trained. Did that catch you up on the last few months? Not really? Yeah I know, I suck at posting.

Here is a quick recap.

Preschool. We were told the twins could start preschool once they turned 3. Since they turned 3 on a Sunday around 8:40 in the morning we had to wait till Monday. I kid you not, we started them the next day. Maybe it was me but I thought the twins would do better if I introduced preschool slowly. We tried a couple of days where I stayed with them. During that time they didn’t listen, didn’t want to participate, clung to me and were whiny. Guess what happened when I left them alone for an hour, they did wonderfully. All that behavior was reserved for their mother. Yea me! They love school and we often have to drag them away. They’ve made new friends and love their teachers. It has turned out better than I expected. Socially and verbally they have grown so much.

Leaving school hand in hand

Halloween. Lo was really into the eats lots of candy and wear costumes aspect of the whole holiday. She wore her ladybug costume almost everyday for a month! Derby especially liked the chocolate and pumpkins. He was all about the animals at the pumpkin patch. Many a morning he was up at 6 am asking to see the donkey and the turkey.

Thanksgiving. We had some grand plans for Thanksgiving. Oma and Papa were going to have a full house with family and we were excited to join in the fun. One of the joys of having children is that they can change your plans at the drop of a hat. Derby woke up that Thursday puking. Thanksgiving 2010 we stayed home and ate leftovers. Why leftovers? Because we had planned to be at Oma’s and I had no Thanksgiving related food in the house other than the dessert I was going to bring. Puking, feverish kids are very pathetic. That weekend some friends from out of state were coming to visit and go wine tasting. As the twins were looking better we had a babysitter lined up and we were ready for some adult time. As I was getting my sweater to leave Loen started puking. Like I said plans change. Instead we cuddled on the couch and watched movies. The next day she was worse and had to go in a for an IV. That kid is such a trooper. She didn’t even cry when they started the IV, though she refused to talk to the nurses after that. Even when they brought her books and stickers.

I tried to tell her the IV pump was like mom’s insulin pump. It would make her feel better. Later she told me she didn’t like “the big pump like mom”

Obviously Derby was feeling better as he decided to wear the puke bucket on his head (it was CLEAN)

Christmas. No crying for Santa this year. They told Santa they wanted a “blue car” and “a duck”. I’ll let you figure out who wanted what. The next day Loen said she wanted to see Santa again, Tadd explained we have to let other children have a turn, we cant go see him all the time. She thought about it for a minute then said “I have a few questions about the duck”. The kid is getting smart. When asked about the duck she wouldn’t elaborate which made it hard for ‘Santa’ to know what she was looking for.

Christmas was extra special this year as Mima T, Papa Don, Aunt T, Uncle John and Grandpa Jimbo celebrated at our house. They got to help decorate the tree, sing Christmas songs and really got into the spirit of the holidays. I loved it. They were so excited and would ask funny questions about things. Granted we had a few incidents where they started to destroy the advent house when they realized it had chocolate in it and then Loen decided to redecorate the bottom half of the tree which resulted in a broken branch. All in all we had a really fun time.

Santa brought a duck! Loen decided her jammies needed a hat to complete the ensemble

Loen’s doll (which she has named Lil’ Loen) had to help her unwrap gifts

Derby’s animatronic cat he named ‘Pounce’

Blue car

Of course I could update more but IM TIRED. You’ll just have to wait till next time.


I took the day off of work on October 25 because that weekend was the twins birthday weekend, lots of people were in town, and I wanted to spend a day with just us after everybody left. The day started off slow and I don’t think we even got out of the house until after noon. We went downtown to run a few errands and hang out and then we took the kids to Shoreline Park to ride their Strider balance bikes. There was a film crew at the park when we got there, which is not unusual, so we though nothing of it. So the bikes came out and I started down the path with Loen while Hava worked with Derby. Well, Derby didn’t last long and Hava was soon taking his bike back to the car. This is when someone from the film crew started yelling “Excuse me, excuse me!” So I stopped and waited for him to ask us to not get in the background of their shot. Instead he proceeded to tell me that they were filming a promotional spot for the new Oprah Winfrey Network and asked if we would be interested in being in it. I said “Sounds great, but let’s check with my wife.” So he gave the same spiel to Hava, who was also on board. We were filmed for about the next 15 minutes. Here is the final product – look for us from 13 – 16 seconds:

According to a New York Times December 2, 2010 article, the promotional spot is to be in movie theaters around the country. Have you seen it at a theater? If so, tell us where in the comments!

Loen is very cute when she see’s the commercial. The first time she saw it she said “That’s Loen, that’s me!” We are disappointed that Hava and Derby didn’t make it (they filmed both of them as well), but we are very happy and excited that Loen got to shine. Derby’s turn is next!


It’s that time again. Yes, the one where the twins officially gain another year. Three, or as they say they are “free”.

I decided to do a robot themed birthday and sent out an email to my very talented family looking for robot graphics. Souther’s fiance Monica brought it in spades. Yes I took the image and went overboard. What can I say, I LOVED her drawing.

The gift bag had robot bubbles, wind up robot and robot sucker

Here they are sitting with Meemaw Lisa in their robot shirts that Uncle Iain made.

Yes even the water bottles got the royal treatment

Oma got in on the action by ordering balloons with the robot design. Then Uncle Souther decided to kick it up a notch by making a balloon within a balloon within a balloon

I was really excited about this birthday because THEY were excited. We talked about their party and what they wanted to do. When asked about the menu they said they wanted Pirate Booty (Derby), nuts and stuffing (Loen). Other than the Booty we skipped the other suggestions. Can you imagine a large bowl of Stove Top on the buffet?! Tadd worked for HOURS the day before smoking 4 large pork shoulders, he has become Mr. BBQ. Then the morning of the party he smoked a tri-tip. We had mango corn salad, fruit salad and a wonderful vinegar based cole slaw that you put on the pulled pork sandwiches. Oma made red velvet and malted milk cupcakes. The food was so good. I worry about the time when they request Chuck E. Cheese for their party and that horrible excuse for a pizza.
Tadd shredding the pork

We decorated


We snacked and played with Penelope the lizard

We partied with friends

We jumped

Though the highlight of it all, especially for my little drummer boy, was the surprise performance by Boomchaka (thanks Oma & Papa Andy!). I have talked before how Derby LOVES or maybe I should say he is obsessed with Boomchaka. He wants to watch their videos on YouTube every day. When he plays drums he will yell out “Boomchaka in da house!” just like they do. When we brought them to the front yard for the surprise, they were just that, surprised. Derby didn’t say a word he just stood there in shock. When they finished their first song he quietly said “yeaaaaah”. He really didn’t respond until they invited the kids up to jam with them. It was then that his eyes just lit up. Loen was also excited but this meant so much to Derby. When it was over they had to pry the sticks out of his little hands so they could pack up. He woke up the next morning and said “I play Boom with Johnny!”
Boom is really in DA HOUSE!

Oma helping them bang a gong

Drumming with the “girls” Samantha and Jessica

We’re ready for our drum solo now
Now on to songs and cupcakes! (You can see Andrew really dressed up for the occasion)
Derby got a little help from Johnny and the Boom boys
You cant go wrong with a red velvet cupcake.
I was happy that the twins had a good time and we were surrounded by friends and family. I’m thinking they might not get another party for a few years because I don’t know how we can top Boomchaka!


When we were picking out furniture for our new house we really didnt take into mind the fact that our 1.5 pound twins would grow into destructive terrors. Yes I love our modern bamboo dining table but it just doesn’t look the same as it did 2 years ago when it was fingerprint and scratch free. Our coffee table has become a lost cause as Derby sees it as his drum pad. What the hell were we thinking when we bought our furniture? I spent close to 15 years as a nanny. You would think I would have some knowledge as to what kids can do to your house.

I now realize we should have ordered from the same catalog as the state penitentiary. At least you know it can withstand someone stabbing a fork or trying to graffiti their name into it. Or maybe a rough hewn look. The lumber is already distressed so no one would really notice a few more dings.

My twins have acquired two new super powers. I like to call them “whirling dervish” and “blatant disregard”. When I was a kid we owned a movie called ‘Footloose’, there was a scene where the preacher said “Every, every day the LORD is testing us” and that  has become the soundtrack of my life as I watch the twins slowly destroy all of our worldy goods. Otherwise how can you explain how they test my patience every single day.

Have I mentioned that I love them more than life itself? Sometimes it just comes out as really crabby mama….